Friday, January 2, 2009


I've been using the time I have been away from college to acclimate myself to my work schedule. Starting sometime this month, I will be working at the same job as my husband Mike. I'm looking forward to it and I hope that I will find the quiet time at night condusive to my learning and study habits. If all else fails I can use the time to read the oodles of books I will be required to read. So far for next semester I have these four classes.

The Gothic Tale of Terror
  • This is an English class and we will be analyzing the art of Gothic writing. We are going to be reviewing works of literature such as; Poe, Dracula, House of Seven Gables.
  • I hope I enjoy this class as I have a deep interest in the literary arts. But sadly, I am afraid I will find myself going more toward my dark side because of this class. Ah the Duality of Man!
Modern England
  • I was hoping to take a history class dealing with the Ancients or Fuedal eras. However, seeing as how studying the Modern history of England will give me a greater grasp on former England (and seeing as how it's the only class that interested me this semester) I hope to enjoy this class.
Scientific Controversies
  • Ahh fun fun. This class is a history class but it will substitute for one of my Science credits. (I'm going for a BA of Science in History.)
  • We are going to be looking at the Darwin controversy (hell yea!), the significance of Dinosaur findings (double hell yea!), and many other interesting scientific accomplishments. Oh boy am I excited.
Gender and Politics
  • I'm not big on politics but...I'm gonna give it the old college try.

So that being said. Here's to hoping this year will be a better year.

Oh and I have decided that I actually need friends to keep my sanity so I'm gonna try to weasel my way into making some friends to hang out with.

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