Tuesday, February 10, 2009

THE DREAM: Goodbye Moon

I wrote this down last night at about 3:18am when I woke up.

I just awoke from a very powerful dream. In my dream there was a halo around the moon. Then I began to see red around the moon. Objects began to fall from the sky. Strange objects like ocean liners and parts of automobiles. There was fire coming from the sky and it appeared that somehow the moon was being destroyed.I told my family that the Moon was being destroyed and they did not believe me. Then they looked out the window and saw for themselves. I told my family to cover themselves with the bed mattresses to protect themselves from the falling objects. My mattress was far more light than it would be in reality.

Things were falling rapidly from the sky. Then the influx of sky borne objects slowed and eventually stopped. I was really looking at the sky now and I saw many, many red/orange lights around the moon.  I began to realize that some extra-terrestrial organization was responsible for the destruction of the moon. It then look like the moon collapsed in upon itself. You know like a supernova does. Then there was a bright orange light and the moon was no more. I had been on the internet in the beginning of the dream and after I saw the moon implode I tried to type out to the people in the chatroom "THE MOON WAS JUST DESTROYED" but somehome I was unable to send this message.

Now my brothers and I began running toward the middle bedroom to climb into the upper crawlspace and see if the roof was on fire because the house was very smoky. The roof was on fire and my brother BJ gave me a pitcher of water and paper towels. I wet the towel and began to apply it to the inner roof. But the fire was too widespread. So I told them to call the fire department and I ran outside to put the fire out myself. When I got outside I looked at the ground and it looked like rain had fallen and frozen but it was not cold cause my mother was wearing a T-shirt and Shorts with a bandana on her head. Somehow the fire department already knew and arrived as soon as I got the hose turned on. So I started to spray the roof and they began wetting the various flaming objects on the ground.  I pondered how Earth would survive without the moon to reflect the sun's warmth and light onto our planet.

As this was going on I told my mother that the moon was no more and she said yes it is, and pointed at an object in the sky. It was moving and I realized it was a UFO. There were still stars in the sky but due to the lack of a moon they appeared more brightly now. After I saw the UFO I ran inside to grab my digital camera. But everytime I would turn the camera on it would turn itself off. I noticed that my brother BJ had my mother's camera and was taking a picture of the UFO. I suddenly got the feeling that the UFO was the reason my camera was malfunctioning and we would be in big trouble if the UFO saw us taking a picture of it. At this point I awakened from the dream.


This dream sat me upright in my bed and I looked around to make sure it was just a dream. I was looking for little alien beings but I did not dare go to the window to see if the moon was still there. I was too scared. As soon as I was assured it was a dream...I grabbed my Moleskine journal and began to write down this dream.

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