Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twilight the first experience and a second look

When my friend Amanda asked me to go see the movie Twilight, I was ok with it. I had listened to the audiobook and I figured it was worth a shot. Little did I know that this little movie would make my stomach turn over. You see, I've got this black little heart...kinda. I grew up as a tomboyish girl and I've never been one to love romance fact like most of my guy friends I call them chick flicks. I had no idea...that Twilight...was a chick flick. (Did I mention I'm a little naive and slow on the uptake?) And I was also in a very depressive...excuse I am in a very depressive state of mind lately.

Anywhos so basically I went there expecting a pretty good movie with little romance...cause..I mean thats the impression I got from the audiobook...and reading the book. Well I get there and start watching friend is literally sitting on the edge of her seat with this.....all worshipping grin on her face. Like she wishes SHE could be Bella. (Sorry Amanda but it's true....I glanced over to see if you were as repulsed as me.) Meanwhile, I'm sitting there...not let me rephrase that....laying I had sank down as far in my seat as I could go cause I was sooo uncomfortable with the things that were going on in the movie. I mean I was bundled up cause it was cold, but I had my jacket pulled up cause I was trying desperately to hide the look on my face. If I could have taken a picture of myself at that moment I'm pretty sure it would have looked like this.

Ok maybe not exactly but I was definitely throwing the Jasper in pain face....big time. So I held onto my stomach until the movie was over. As the credits began to roll I bolted out the the door. All the while Amanda was stumbling behind me telling me the slow down. (Amanda, why is it that when I want to make a quick escape you ALWAYS have to slow me down?? Need I remind you of the RONALD incident??)

I got to the truck and I quickly started the drive home. And I explained to Amanda why I didn't like the movie. Let me just say I am sorry I was sooo ticked and annoyed at the movie. It was nothing against Twilight fans....I'm simply too cold and black hearted to watch the movie without gagging.

Alright so after both Amanda and another of my friends (Mandi) telling me to give the movie another chance...I've decided to rewatch the movie cause my dear friend Janna insisted.

So here's my review of the movie the second time around..

  • KStew makes the same face every single scene.
  • I don't know why everyone thinks RPatt is so hot...he looks like he was hit with a shovel in the face.
  • The acting from both actors was stiff and unimpressive.
  • Edward sooooo does not need to be watching her sleep. *shudders*
  • Does he want her or not want her? Boy runs hot and cold.
  • Jacob is well...his hair scares me....
  • Bella might just be onto something with the whole...."I don't want to be around other people" thing.
  • Rose really HATES Bella for some reason.
  • James creeps me out....he is PedoVamp
  • Even I wouldn't fall for the old "We have your mother" trick without first CALLING MY MOTHER!!!!! Derp Derp. 
I'm finished....It's just not for me....

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