Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hectic Week with More Crazy Life to Come

So we are coming toward the end of John Green Week and I still have not finished Looking For Alaska. The book is GREAT lemme tell ya, but I've had some pretty crazy life stuff going on.

My parents finally hauled their slow behinds to South Carolina around the 4th. LEFT my darling cat, Ella, in Tennessee. They claimed she hid somewhere in the house and they couldn't find her. *taps foot in a "I don't believe you" way*

I cried for two hours. Then I became sick. See thing is stress and Lupus don't mix. For some reason everytime I get stressed out, I get sick. All kinds of unmentionable things that I won't put into detail. Let's just say it is not good to eat then get stressed.

Anyways, so Ella was left, I cried, screamed, threatened violence on people in my head. But good news, she was found. How a 20lb cat gets into the attic I don't know. She is at a neighbor's house. I will rescue her tomorrow, or Mike will suffer dire consequences. Then I will take her home to SC. So happy.

We did stop through SC on our way to Florida with a load. My mother procrastinated for two days and wouldn't unpack ANYTHING! Instead she stayed around my uncle and his fiance's house.  My dad got sick, went into the hospital right as we were leaving to unpack things without her. (Hopefully this hospital will get him well again) And so my brothers, Mike, and I had to start unpacking the majority of the house belongings.

First thing we did was set up my parents room. (Well after making sure the bathroom was stocked with toliet paper and towels.) Then I unpacked the dry goods and kitchenware. So Parents room is good, kitchen is good. My brothers set up the televisons in each room, organized a temporary arrangement for seating in the living room, and set up the bed in my room. (This was so that at least one extra bed was ready to go)

We dropped our load in Florida then hightailed to Georgia...where we are now sitting for the moment so that Mike could get a nap in so we won't be too early for our load. Also I was not awoken earlier today when we arrived at the truck terminal which has free WiFi. Therefore, my chance for plentiful WiFi was wasted. *shaking fist at Mike* So this post looks like crapola.

And those are my excuses for why I haven't finished Looking For Alaska. Grief, Manual Labor, and No WiFi. Plus it is dark and I slept through the day cause I got NO rest at my Uncle's house in SC.

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