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Review: What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot
What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book touched on so many emotions that I feel on a daily basis. And it struck close to home so much that I was sure I would burst out into a fit of hiccuping tears to the total confusion of my husband at any given moment. I found myself hugging my husband at every chance, I wanted so badly to grab him by the hands and say "lets never fight, lets never be too busy for each other, lets just be happy for the rest of our lives." Ok I usually get all uncomfortable when books have even the slightest bit of romance in them. Usually books give you the people in love and how they show they are in love. But this wasn't on that level. It was more....explanatory...and to anyone who has been in a relationship or is married... you get the romance. You understand why Alice is so confused by her impending divorce.

Now for the spoilers

I felt a connection with Alice. I am around the age she was in 1998. I understood her innocence and confusing over why the divorce was taking place. I understood her silliness. I GOT HER. I also felt a strong connection with Elizabeth. I know how she feels to be infertile. I know the craziness and the "why won't these BREEDERS just go the hell away." I know this might be me in 10 or 15 years...

Oh but when we got to the end. (Before the Epilogue) Lemme tell ya I was really to strangle, dismember and dispose of Alice's corpse. I wanted to shake her by the shoulder's and scream "YOU STUPID TWIT! HE IS STILL BESOTTED WITH YOU! STOP BEING SO SELFISH AND MAKE THIS WORK!" I felt she was a spoiled, selfish, cow. I felt she needed to get off her high horse and learn to forgive Nick for keeping up her beautiful lifestyle, financial security, and "busy busy busy" hobbies. The man worked long keep them afloat. And she never even realized it. She had it made. Sure all she wanted was him home and it makes me wonder....why the HELL didn't she just tell him. But in 2008 it is so easy to just say "I'm not to are" and continue on with your life......then I read the Epilogue...and I forgave her. Well almost. I'm still on the fence over whether to FULLY forgive her or not.

Oh and Gina got a reprieve from my previous assumption.

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