Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey right now my Broadband card with T-Mobile is out of service, gotta pay the bill *blushes*, so whenever we can get to a T-Mobile and get it back on I'll be able to post the reviews as I get them done. But for right now I'll probably be posting a lot of r
eviews at one time whenever I can get free WiFi.

Sitting at the truck terminal for the company my husband drives for right now, so I've got free WiFi and I've posted around three reviews?(I think)

I even read one of the books my brother bought me for my birthday!

I've been reading some of the books out loud to my husband while he drives. He enjoys it sometimes but he really wants me to finish the Twilight Saga soon cause my annoyance at the series is driving him crazy. LOL...but the great thing is he asked me the other day about possibly getting him a Nook! Can you feel my excitement right now!MICHAEL...READING!!!

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