Monday, October 17, 2011

Keeping My Skinny Little Fingers Crossed

There are less than 5 hours left til the winners for the Goodreads Giveaway of Clockwork Prince are announced. I'm really hoping to win. But my chances are slim. There are 100 copies and 10288 people have entered. So if I am figuring correctly (I should have paid better attention to this but for some reason I didn't) I have a .9% chance of winning. Sigh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyways.


And of course I didn't win, this of course breaks my heart cause I really wanted to win. I mean I write reviews of all the books I read (well I have been writing reviews a lot more often lately and with more enthusiasm, my past is just st) and I make sure to thank the people who host the giveaways. Oh well better luck next time I guess. LOL.

I'm gonna keep on the look out for more great giveaways. And I'll try to make a post here so everyone can know about them. But for now I guess I'll just keep hoping for a chance to hit the book lottery. LOL.... (*Goes to corner to sulk and lick her wounds*)

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