Friday, December 30, 2011

Referring Sites on Traffic

Open Question to anyone who may stumble upon this.

How in the world do I get rid of (do not go to this site it is SPAM!) as a referring site on my traffic? It and one other spamming site appear to be the most traffic I have. So yea that means I seriously have no followers. :( That's ok I guess cause I don't really put a LOT of effort into this. But it has me thinking maybe I should....

So anyone got any suggestions for what content would spice up this old joint? I deleted a LOT of older posts. Like seriously, I went through a very bad time when I was sick and this blog helped me through but I decided it was best for people to NOT see what I went through. It really had me at my knees. 

So if anyone hears me gimme a shout! Just to let me know I've not gotten lost in the great abyss of the interwebz. Here are some things I'm thinking about doing more.

  • History
  • Archaeology
  • More Book Reviews
  • Book Related Stuff I Run Upon
  • Updates on What is Going on in the Truck

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