Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some Pictures From the Road

I am always talking about how I'm traveling with my husband in a Big Rig and I just realized I haven't shared ANY of the photos I've taken. He just got me a new Digital Camera (well it was from a pawn shop....yea I'm not a fan of buying brand new when I can get slightly used) so I haven't been able to take pictures the WHOLE time we've been out. But here are some of the bests.

I don't know who this is a statue of, I don't think it is the Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, TX. I can't remember who it is...
Raleigh, NC - Armadillo Grill BEST TACOS EVER!!!!

City Hall in St. Louis, Missouri

Look at that Architecture on the City Hall, so beautiful.

Just to prove it is a City Hall and not Dracula's Castle HaHa

A burger restaurant called The CookOut, great burgers. You should check them out.

Yea I saw this while I was reconnecting to Broadband going down the road. I think someone was playing a joke on WiFi thieves. LOL.

This was in Texas. I thought it was interesting. Took forever to get a good enough picture of it. I kept getting cars tops and light poles.

The Mausoleums in New Orleans....Oh My Gosh. I'm a big fan of old cemeteries and I've been known to just stroll through a cemetery contemplating what the residents could have died from. 

And believe it or not I caught these pictures of the mausoleums while going down the interstate fast. I was basically snapping constantly. There were soooo flipping many and I wish I knew which particular cemetery this was, I'd love to see it up close some day. 

Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans

ST. Louis Public Library. I WANT THAT SIGN! I think it is so neat. "the Library" 

And I think this was somewhere in North Carolina. I thought the clock was really unique. I want one of these for my house HAHA.

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