Thursday, December 15, 2011

Save a Tree, Read an eBook

Save a Tree – Read an e-book Button

Almost every book I read is an ebook. This is partially by choice (love the ease of ereading) and partially by necessity (riding with my husband in a semi-truck, not much room for reading material).

I even make little cutesy pictures celebrating my ereader love. 
I understand some people GREATLY dislike ebooks. It cannot replace the look, feel, smell, and pure JOY of holding a real book in your hands. But I take these criticisms in stride. I had a nice sized library of real books. I had two bookshelves brimming with books. Favorites, TBR, Just Purchased, and Textbooks from my college classes.  It was magnificent. Sadly due to circumstances beyond my control...every single one of my books......were lost. Gone. I mourned the loss of my wonderful books. But I recovered.

My brother, sometime around September last year (2010) purchased me a B&N Nook. I was in love. I immediately filled it up with free books, library books, and proceeded to go reading crazy. I read novel after novel. Sure I didn't have the physical books in my hands. I couldn't smell them. I couldn't treasure the gloss of the cover, the roughness/smoothness of the pages, and I couldn't put a bookmark in between the pages. But it was going to be ok. I had my books with me. They were by my side.

It also allowed me to truly treasure the real books I received. And believe me books are coming a long way visually. When was the last time you saw a consistent out pour of such BEAUTIFUL coverart?

*Run down to your nearest book store and just LOOK at the covers!!!*

I am writing this post because I too wish to Save Trees, Read ebooks, and treasure the simplicity in ebooks. And because I totally dig the widget (look at the very top) which I found at For the Love of Reading.

So if you love ereading or books in general head over to For the Love of Reading, subscribe, and enjoy.

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