Friday, December 9, 2011

Still Rocky But Getting Better

Well my dad is out of the hospital, turns out his medication has been effecting his liver. He is home now and hopefully they can make it to SC soon. My brothers, husband, and I took about 75% of the belongings in the house to SC on Tuesday/Wednesday. We were extremely exhausted when we got home. We just threw the two remaining mattresses on the floor and slept like squatters haha. Closed off every other room in the house and hooked the remaining tv up to watch movies and I don't think we even made it halfway through The Hangover.

My brother has a cell phone account with my mom and me on it as well as himself. Well the night before we started packing everything in the moving truck, the phones were turned off cause he owed the bill, all his money had been spent getting stuff ready for the move. So he had to borrow money in order to pay it. Now my mom doesn't have the money on hand to get another moving truck for what is left.....we always have rotten luck. And my bro is out of a job cause he worked his last day Friday and my dad had a seizure Saturday. So that's a problem as well. We are hoping to get everything back on the plan, but everytime we plan things go wrong. my head hasn't been in the reading mindset lately. Too much worrying and stress...which has also thrown my Lupus into a flare. The good thing is cause my Lupus makes my antibodies attack healthy tissue, I rarely get an actual cold. Its like my body has such a high immunity that it turns on itself....I know some parts of Lupus are still a mystery to most doctors so I guess this is just one of those things. And I should have gotten sick cause I was right there with my two hacking, coughing, sore throated brothers for two/three days. And I think we mixed up sodas at least once in the confusion. Oh well. But besides the not getting a cold I have gotten "Lupus sick" which means I have swollen feet that feel like I'm walking on shards of glass and pillows, sore as hell from head to toe, and a tiny bit of the malar rash starting from sun exposure. Plus my standard digestive problems have increased.

I am kind of afraid to take OTC pain relievers due to my dad experiencing liver damage from tylenol.....I don't really wanna push my luck. So I'm suffering in silence. Oh and I've passed out (napped for 3 hrs) many times in the last five days...yep...Lupus is exhausting.

So that's about all I've got going on lately. Back in the truck now with Mike making monies....hurrah for monies.

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